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ABC Movers - Costa Rica. Experienced team of professional movers
If you need to move, ABC MOVERS is what you really need.
ABC MOVERS will make your moving a pleasant experience for you and your family.

International Moving, Packing, Unpacking, Office Moving, Storage Services, Local Moving, Documents' storage, Furniture' storage, Air, sea, land freights, Distribution, logistics - ABC Movers - Costa Rica Services offered: Trust our company and our professionals to provide you with an efficient and quality service.
International Moving - ABC Movers - Costa Rica
International Moving
As members of several international associations we have correspondents worldwide.

Through a simple phone call, a highly trained and experienced team of professionals will evaluate all your needs and requirements in order to provide you with a safe transportation service for your household goods. Also, they will anticipate possible problems that usually appear during international relocations, to make moving as easier as possible.

After making an inventory of all your belongings, we'll provide you with the adequate customized packing material to guarantee its safe transportation. Our professionals will also supervise the completion of all the documentation required by customs at the country of destiny.
Customized Packing - ABC Movers - Costa Rica
Customized Packing
We offer you the service of wrapping and packing your household goods, so that everything gets to its destiny safe and complete.
Our professional packers make sure that all your belongings are correctly packed and labeled.
Glass and ornaments are packed in white paper before being placed in shock-absorbent cartons. Clothes are hanged on special hangers and afterwards are placed in packages custom-made for this purpose. Paintings and valuables are placed in wooden crates; and furniture is protected with moving pads and corrugated cardboard.
Unpacking - ABC Movers - Costa Rica
This is a crucial part of the moving process. We will give you a complete unpacking service in which we take everything out of the cartons and put it in place. Afterwards we'll take away all remaining garbage. 
Experts in offices moving process
Office Moving
Moving an office can be just as stressful and traumatic as moving a house, so why don't you let ABC MOVERS take care of everything? You can continue working in your business while we work in your moving!

Before. Include us in the planning of your move. We can take care of everything: the wrapping, packing, labeling, dismantling and anything else necessary to make a success out of your moving. Or if you prefer to do your own packing, we can provide you with our packaging and labeling systems.

During. We handle all the activities related to the moving. Your employees don't have to worry about taking part of the moving in any way. Our excellent planning and labeling system guarantee you that everything will arrive in the right office at the right time.

After. We reassemble everything we took apart, so that your employees can get straight back to work. We can also help with the unpacking and, of course, take away all the litter left afterwards, if required.
Storage Services - ABC Movers - Costa Rica
Storage Services
You can't move into your new home yet? Do you have items that you're not taking with you?

ABC MOVERS has modern concrete warehouses, 1,500 square meters (16.145 sq feet) in size, capable of offering storage for your goods, either for a short or long period of time, or when in transit until the time is set for shipment or delivery. Your household goods will be safely stored in wooden crates.
As part of our complete service to ensure the total security of your belongings, our warehousing facilities are under constant surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are also conveniently located only about 3 km south of the city of San José.
We also offer open storage per square meter and storage record.
Local Moving - ABC Movers - Costa Rica
Local Moving
When you choose ABC MOVERS you can be sure you're getting a good start and a great arrival.

We offer anticipated and timely planning, just through a phone call. We offer our clients special boxes and packing materials, packing services (if wanted), wardrobes, protective moving pads, large clean trucks equipped with hydraulic ramps, and modern and useful equipment for off the ground furniture transportation.
Let us serve you.