• Do not pack heavy items in moving boxes. This is an ideal time to pare down any unnecessary belongings.
    Separate belongings for easy packing and unpacking.
    Jewelry, documents, and money should be carried on your person.
    A detailed inventory will help you arrange your belongings in your new home.
    Professional packers are the best option; please request a quote.
    Check all closets, even if you think they are already empty.

Before Your Move:

  • Connect all utilities in your new home.
    Disconnect the washing machine and stove, in advance.
    Disconnect the television antenna or service, in advance.
    Unplug the dishwasher and have it checked.
    Defrost the refrigerator (if you are concerned about food odor, place a few pieces of charcoal in the refrigerator after defrosting and allowing to dry).
    Throw away all flammable liquids (for example: cleaning fluids).
    Throw away all open paint cans.

Before Your Move, Be Sure to Notify:

  • Phone Company
    Post Office (leave a forwarding address)
    Magazines & Publications
    Electricity Company
  • Laundry
    Insurance Company
    Cable Company

Things You Should Carry in Person:

  • Children’s car seat, cot, bathtub
    Bed linens, soap, toiletries, and a change of clothes
    Food, knives, forks, spoons, utensils
    Light bulbs and any other necessary electricity materials
    Bath toys

Ask them to group these things. Notify your movers that you would like these things first.