About Us

For more than 28 years, ABC Mudanzas has been a leading moving services company. Our experience and agility have enabled us to provide our clients with comprehensive services, based on the highest quality standards and with international support.

We take you anywhere


To be the #1 option in anyone’s mind, when they require a change of location. To be a very good place to work – one that encourages our employees to develop their skills and offer high-quality professional services.


To bring peace of mind, practicality, and confidence to your move, every step of 
the way.








When should I contact ABC MUDANZAS (ABC MOVERS) to begin coordinating my move?

Time is of the essence when preparing for a move. The more time you have to plan properly, the better we can coordinate all the details, such as obtaining any necessary documentation, contacting our agent at your destination, coordinating transportation, setting packing and stowage dates,etc.

Who will provide service at my destination?

ABC MUDANZAS works with a carefully selected group of agents worldwide. Our agents will provide any services you require at your destination.
This service typically includes customs clearance at the port/border of entry, transportation to your residence, unloading, unpacking (furniture), furniture placement, and removal of empty packing material. Normal services do NOT include delivery to a second residence, delivery above a second floor, handling heavy objects (such as pianos or safes), weekend or holiday delivery, overtime, furniture assembly, third-party services, parking permits, demolition, or hauling away (or climbing ladders). If you require any of these services, please notify us in advance so that we may include them in our quote.

What can I (or can I not) include with my 
household items?

Exclusions to your household items depend on the laws of each country. These normally prohibit food (of any kind), drugs, weapons, plants, and pornographic material. Check with your ABC MUDANZAS executive. They can provide you with specifics based on your needs; you may also contact our agent at your destination, who will provide the latest information on import requirements and/or exclusions.

Will there be any additional costs at my destination?

The costs of a normal door-to-door move are included in our quote. However, there may be additional costs, depending on a variety of factors, such as access to your residence, lack of documentation, delays and storage, taxes and duties, customs inspections, etc. If you need demolition, parking permits, delay and storage, taxes and duties, customs inspections, etc., these costs cannot be calculated in advance and are therefore not included in our quote.

Please check with your ABC MUDANZAS executive. They can provide you with any additional required information.

Can I do my own packing?

For insurance purposes, we recommend that you DO NOT pack your own goods. Any object that is not packed by us will not be covered by insurance. In addition, security measures have increased at all ports worldwide, so the practice of PBO (Pack by Owner) is not recommended, as it is very likely that the authorities will open PBO goods to inspect their cargo. If you decide to pack your own, we can only offer you total loss insurance;  you may also get your own insurance, which will be at your own risk.